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Are you ready to experience more aliveness in your relationship?

People are waking up to the idea that our relationships have the potential to be much more than we’ve been taught.  

Loving, intimate relationships have a certain kind of magic, an aliveness that creates joy, healing and growth. It allows each member to stand in the fullest expression of themselves, knowing they are loved and supported for who they are.


The truth is that these type of relationships don’t just happen, they are created. They require time, focus and the tools of relational intelligence.


But most of us have not been taught the basics of a fulfilling intimate life. It is just a fact, not a fault. When we can accept this, we are ready to reach out and accept the support of others to create deep meaningful connection.


This is why a guided experience is so vital to the wellbeing of our relationships. Prioritizing your bond in this way allows you and your partner to learn alongside each other to create the relationship you truly desire.


We have created this experience for YOU! To enrich your coupledom and be supported with the tools to continue deepening your intimate practice. To fan the flames of passion and desire, opening your hearts even wider. To Truly see each other and discover what is possible for your relationship.

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By the end of the workshop you’ll: 

Feel more connected to yourself and your partner(s) so that you can return back to your life from a place of being inspired and excited about deepening your bonds of affection.

Reignite your clarity and excitement for what is possible in your relationship. 

Be more connected to your own body and know how it can act as a guide to deepening your practice after the workshop.

√ Feel the transformative power of creating a culture of appreciation and gratitude between you.

√ Take new awareness and fresh perspectives into your relationship that will amplify the magic that is waiting to be discovered.

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What is happening in the workshop



Most of us desire relationships where we feel safe, loved and cared for. Intimacy in relationship is a combination of physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual closeness that you develop with your partner(s) as you share your lives with each other. Intimacy is about understanding the other person and the willingness to have yourself be understood. Compassion and authenticity are two of the main ingredients needed to truly open to intimacy.

How are we going to do that?

  • Discovering where there is an intimacy deficit and how to notch it up

  • Explore self-compassion and compassion for the other

  • Learn why vulnerability can be one of the greatest gifts in relationship



As human beings we have a hardwired need to feeling connected to the people we are close to in our lives. And yet at the same time, true connection can sometimes make us feel overly vulnerable so we shy away from it. In the workshop we will guide you to experience intimate connection in a variety of ways that feels safe, enhances intimacy and supports you to practice connecting to another while staying connected to yourself.

How are we going to do that?

  • Self-regulation tools (staying centered in yourself)

  • Practices to stay grounded in our own bodies

  • Practices to experience the variety of ways connection can come alive with a partner(s) - through closeness, breath and touch



Communication is critical to a healthy relationship, but relatively few couples devote time to improving their skills. Active listening and space holding is a true art - and one which many of us are not taught or even modeled. Learning to really listen, relate and BE with someone is one of the keystones to a thriving relationship.

How are we going to do that?

  • Learning the tools to hold space and be present for another

  • Practices that reflect back what your partner has said, which builds safety, empathy and intimacy

  • Starting in an easy and playful way that feels fun and doable.



Did you know that relationships need at least a 5:1 ratio of appreciations to criticisms? Most of us intend to appreciate and express gratitude, but often don't have the right vocabulary or feel uncomfortable expressing what our hearts really feel. Stepping into appreciation and gratitude can be a game changer in a relationship - creating more intimacy, more depth and infinitely more joy. Plus it feels so good to give and receive!

How are we going to do that?

  • Learn easy languaging to frame your appreciations to your partner(s)

  • Understand how appreciation and gratitude becomes the base nourishment in relationship

  • Practice receiving appreciations in your whole body


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We want you to get the absolute MOST out of this retreat experience. Intentionally creating a space that feels good to be in, is undisturbed and really lets you be present - will make all the different to this experience.

Consider letting yourselves get fully away from your regular life and book into a rental space (like an AirBnB or hotel) for this workshop.


This is all about you enjoying three and a half distraction-free hours together where you have time and space for reflection, integration and inspiration together - both during and after the workshop.


The heart contribution for this deeply experiential 3.5 hour workshop is just $99.

Meet Your Facilitators

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